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Samvedna-The School For Mentally Handicapped is recognised by the Chhattisgarh Government (Registration no. 2684). The School was established in 2009.

The primary objective of the school is to provide the most appropriate special education services (free of cost) to children and youth with mental retardation and associated disabilities.

The school also offers home and center based special education and rehabilitation services to children and youth with mental retardation with parental involvement.

Samvedna strives to bring people with disability into the mainstream, using different forms of media - puppets, games, music, dance, painting and clay work - as effective tools for mental development and building social relationships. We strive not to protect, but to prepare Persons with Disability for the real world by developing self-sufficiency in living skills and economic activity.

Our Courses

Speech Therapy
Vocational Training
Parents Teacher Training

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