Samvedna School

Samvedna is a non-profit, non-commercial, voluntary organization dedicated to the welfare of the Mentally Challenged. The Institute operates a day-care and residential center for boys and girls with mental disability. The Institute started with 2 students in 2009, today the Institute is serving 32 mentally challenged persons.

Samvedna strives to bring people with disability into the mainstream, using different forms of media - puppets, games, music, dance, painting and clay work - as effective tools for mental development and building social relationships. We strive not to protect, but to prepare Persons with Disability for the real world by developing self-sufficiency in living skills and economic activity.

Students are introduced to concepts such as time, color, and trained in dressing, personal hygiene, eating, and so on. Yoga, speech therapy and physiotherapy are provided according to need. For older children who can cope, vocational training is arranged. Excursions and picnics for the whole group provide opportunities to develop social behavior skills and learn to interact with outside world.

Samvedna has a multi-disciplinary team of five special educators, Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists and Special Therapists. The team first assess the child and develops a personalized program for that child. Children also get training in group sessions. The children are divided in to four streams, each concentrating on children with particular type of needs.

Movement Development

By strengthening the muscles of the limbs and neck with exercise.

Speech And Language Development

Developing the ability of the children to speak, make and recognize sound.

To function independently

Impart training to do their day-to-day activity in their life.

Psychological training

Children with behavioral problems undergo behavior modification programme with the help of the psychologist.

Vocational Training

preparing to earn for their living.

Regular Education

Teachers to Read, Write and Recognize symbols for survival.

Support to Parents

Teachers emphasizing with the parents , guide them to continue with the training of the children at home.