Samvedna School

Samvedna strives to bring people with disability into the mainstream, using different forms of media - puppets, games, music, dance, painting and clay work - as effective tools for mental development and building social relationships.

We strive not to protect, but to prepare Persons with Disability for the real world by developing self-sufficiency in living skills and economic activity.

We promote awareness and participation in the community, showcasing abilities and steering persons with special needs towards productive, fulfilling and independent lives.

Our Mission

To discover and nurture the talents of persons with disabilities,To ensure involvement of governments and states in the affairs of citizens with disability, To stimulate the desired of persons with disabilities to participate in economic activities of the society.

Our focus

The disabled and economically disadvantaged girl-child.

Our methodology

Training, the use of different form of media like puppets, games, music and dance, painting and clay work and active participation of family.

Our Path

The creation of satellite centers for easy access to services for the Disabled.

Our goal

Inclusion. Bringing Persons with Disability into the mainstream and steering them towards a productive and fulfilling life.